Orujo from Galicia Envejecido Fillaboa

I.G. Orujo de Galicia

A 100% Albariño orujo, 100% from Galicia.

This brandy is made by aging the white pomace for a minimum of 7 years in French Limousine oak barrels.

The result is a dry, aromatic and gourmand marc, with an amber hue, clean and bright. If we delve a little deeper into the depth of flavor of this Galician I.G. orujo from Galicia, we find intense toasted aromas of vanilla and hints of French oak that, together with the small notes of orange peel, nuts and toffee, make Fillaboa Orujo Envejecido a complex, smooth and unctuous liqueur.

Oloroso aguardiente de Galicia Envejecido en barricas de roble - Elaborado en Fillaboa