"La hija buena"

Fillaboa’s farm, “hija BUENA”,

originates from the XVII century

The name of the farm comes from a local legend with many parallels with the tale of “Cinderella” by Charles Perrault, in which two daughters of a Count envied their younger sister to whom her father inherited the best lands.

Fillaboa´s history - The legend behind his name


Fillaboa is one of the most extensive wine estates in Galicia, bathed in its surroundings by the rivers Tea and Miño. Próximo a la finca, existe un puente medieval y un muro de piedra de 1.600 metros que enmarca la finca

A family winery - One of the largest wineries with its own farm in Galicia
Tradition and craftsmanship in winemaking
Pazo de Fillaboa - Place where you can celebrate your event


The Pazo de Fillaboa is a small stone palace faithful to the structure of the great Galician houses. In it there are several rooms for events, meetings and tastings in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

745 hectares dedicated to the elaboration of magnificent Albariños


In Fillaboa nature rules. In addition to an exquisite garden of camellias, olive trees, magnolias and cork oaks, the Fillaboa vineyard is spectacular. 50 hectares of our own vineyards are divided into 12 delimited plots facing south where we find majestic vines on vines and trellises. Fillaboa is certified as an environmentally sustainable winery with the SWfCP seal.

Masaveu Bodegas - Artisans of good wine
Albariño grapes from El Rosal for the production of the best white wine
Panoramic view of the Fillaboa vineyards


Masaveu Bodegas comprises the five wine-growing corporations owned by Corporación Masaveu: Bodegas Murua S.A., Bodegas Fillaboa S.A., Bodegas Leda Viñas Viejas, S.L., Bodegas Pagos de Araiz S.A and Pomaradas y Llagares de Sariego, S.L., located in different enclaves scattered around Spain, each its strongly distinctive wines, soil and soul..

In 1974, under the presidency of Mr. Pedro Masaveu Peterson, the Masaveu family made its first investment in this sector with “Bodegas Murua S.A.”. Thus, the family continues in the footsteps of its predecessor, Don Federico Masaveu Rivell, who already owned vineyard plantations in the mid-19th century in Castellar del Vallés (Barcelona), where the family originated.

In its beginnings, Bodegas Murua S.A. was acquired to produce wine privately, as a result of the family’s passion and its link with the wine world. With the death of Mr. Pedro Masaveu Peterson, the presidency was taken over by Mr. Elías Masaveu y Alonso del Campo, who decided to remodel the winery and promote it commercially with the high quality wines that were being produced.

It was in 1998 when the baton of the wineries was taken over by Mr. José Masaveu Herrero, who organized, restructured and began to professionalize the group of wineries. Once again, the passion and value that wine represents are what led the Masaveu family to have one of its members dedicate himself body and soul to the winery until the present day.

The wines produced by Masaveu Bodegas are known for being a benchmark of quality and an example of respect for the land. Although all the wines have their own style and a very marked personality, at Masaveu Bodegas, we try to ensure that they all share a common commitment: quality as a philosophy and standard of conduct applied to all areas and processes of the production cycle.

We are wine artisans, we elaborate small productions. Murua 250,000, Fillaboa 200,000, Valverán 18,000, Pagos de Araiz 400,000 bottles and Leda 80,000 bottles. We do not believe in large productions, but we do believe in controlling the process to ensure the best final result.

The production from our own vineyards and the commitment to transmit in each bottle the personality of the terroir, connect each of the projects that, spread throughout the Spanish geography, make up a suggestive mosaic of varieties, colors, aromas and flavors.