Albariños de

Rías Baixas

Albariños de Rías Baixas

In Salvaterra de Miño there is a unique place where the wind sounds like silence and smells of albariño.

Vinos Blancos Albariño de las Rías Baixas - Bodegas Fillaboa - Situada en las Rías Baixas


Only there can you disconnect your mind and turn on each of the senses to let yourself be lulled by the Atlantic breeze. In this D.O. Rías Baixas, you will find stillness, calm and delicacy on a beautiful beautiful landscape in which the Albariño is the only protagonist. Fillaboa is a haven of peace. In it, our vineyards offer us slender vines that give us elegant grapes to make the most exquisite Albariño wines and liqueurs.

Fillaboa Young White Wine - White Albariño Wines from Fillaboa - D.O. Rias Baixas
Albariño wines with flavor and aroma in Salvaterra de Miño, Condado del Rosal
Fillaboa brandies and liqueurs - Possibly the best Albariño brandy from Fillaboa
best Galician wines - Best Rías Baixas Albariños
Albariño Grapes - D.O. Rías Baixas - Best white wines from Galicia - Albariño Wines


At Bodegas Fillaboa, beauty is a sensation that completely invades you without you knowing how or why. Shall we tell you the secret? As almost always, the answer lies in the subtlety of each detail. Because here the earth meets the sky and the sea until nature speaks through the vines.

Fillaboa harmonizes land and sea in its white wines
Vinos de Galicia, D.O. Rías Bajas, Fillaboa
Artisanal production of 100% Albariño white wines


Fillaboa is a farm with a single protagonist: the Albariño grape variety. She commands. She reigns our land. She and only she, makes us live the four seasons pending its evolution so that, when it is ready, expert hands collect it with care and delicacy in what will be the beginning of a wonderful journey to our bottles of white wines.

The best 100% Albariño Wine from Fillaboa